Oh hey, i'm Lauren. Twenty years young, living in the South of England. I sing and i make lullabies as often as i can.
I have an unhealthy obsession with Interior Design, Exterior Architecture, beautiful girls and jelly beans.
Don't ever be afraid to chat or, ask me things. I love talking too you and, i'll help out with anything you need.

Treatment is tough! Sorry if i'm slow replying/posting.
AnorexiaNervosa-RestrictiveType | BD-NOS | Schitz-Paranoid type | OCPD | Survivor | Addiction

Anonymous said: I'm dealing with anorexia as well :( It's really hard. I'm not starving myself as much but just wondering what healthy things do you eat throughout the day ?

i’m so sorry you are suffering, well done for not restricting as much! i know its difficult :(
I tend to have things like grapes or pumpkin seeds! Something small that doesn’t feel to overwhelming!

Anonymous said: How do you deal with anorexia?

This is so difficult to answer. A part of me isn’t and never wants to deal with it. Its a vicious cycle, one that i haven’t managed to break yet.
But by keeping occupied, i don’t tend to over think or trigger myself. So, distractions, distractions, distractions. And, I try to be as honest as i can with the people around me. On how i’m feeling, what i can handle and so on.